1959 it is stopped the production of the Stage Die Proofs (with the exception of those for Monaco and Andorra). 
1959 the Printing House (Atelier) begins to stamp Engraver's Die Proofs directly under its control
1959-63 transition period, in which appear the not figurative embossed control seal on the Engraverís Die Proofs
1964 appear the figurative embossed control seal on the Engraver's Die Proofs
1964 it is stopped the production ot the Acceptance Proofs
1949-60 period in which the Color Proofs have been produced (monochromatics, on 
1956 The Color Trials appear in substitution of the Color Proofs
up to 1964 on the Color Proofs and on the Color Trials it is adopted the old numeration for the colors indication (for ex. 1510 Lx) 
from 1965 on start the new system for the indication of the colors on the Color Trials (2 letters followed from 1, 2 or 3 figures) 
from 1961 on disappear the impression of the steel die around the vignette of the Deluxe Proofs, bacause it is introduced the rotary recess printing system (taille douce)
1923-1991 period in which are printed the Deluxe Proofs (Deluxe Sheets)
from 1992 on disappears the Deluxe Proofs, replaced by the Gummed and Imperforated Sheets
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