Example of air mail adopted drawing with changes (Comores, 1968) realized on cardboard (that measure 30 x 23 cm) with colored inks (the image here represented is in black and white) by the artist J. C. Derrey; the drawing (that measure 24 x 13 cm) show the “diagramma lineatus”, a typical fish of the Comores Isles and introduce a facial value of 90 Fr.

fig. B1

     Definitive issued stamp (Comores, 1968) drawned and engraved by the same J. C. Derrey, also maintaining the same facial value (90 Frs.), the same subject and the same general formulation in comparison to the drawing shown in the fig. B1, yet introduce small changes of detail: the writing “Poste AERIENNE” it is moved on the right outline of the vignette, the one that show the Country it is moved in the right superior corner, the one that show the fish name is moved below on the left; also the fish drawing is modified (for instance its livery, that from mottled it becomes with longitudinal stripes). 

fig. B1a