Example of adopted drawing with changes  (Monaco, 1966) realized by the known artist Michel Monvoisin  with brown, white and blue-grey inks on thick cardboard of 30 x 23 cm; even if it is in advanced phase of realization, a lot of variations have been introduced in the definitive issued stamp (you see fig. B3a): the represented personages are set to the two extreme of the vignette and between them we can observe a theater and music allegory (a lyra and two masks); the facial value it is 0,00  (it was not still known with precision in this phase), the inscription “Monaco” results on the left (aloft) and also the inscription of the centennial of “Monte-Carlo” (1866-1966) (below). The drawing measures 21,5 x 15,5 cm. 

fig. B3

   Definitive issued stamp (Monaco, 1966) realized from the same artist of the illustrated drawing of the fig. B3 (Michel Monvoisin), that in this case he has also engraved the primitive die; we can observe that the two personages are on the right side of the vignette, the colors have been modified (black and violet), the figure that show the facial value (0,95 Frs.) it has been shifted to the left, while the inscription "Monaco" (aloft) and that of the "Monte-Carlo centennial" (below) they has been moved to the right. The allegory, that here is not in the center of the vignette but on the left, it represents a feminine subject with a lyra. Despite all these variations between definitive issued stamp and drawing we can observe that the two personages has on the whole remained unchanged between the two representations. 

fig. B3a