Example of unadopted drawing (Cameroun, 1953) realized in grey and sanguine pencil on semitransparent paper that measure 31 x 22 cm; this drawing had been commissioned to René Cottet to represent the Edea Falls. The same author, below the signature annotates: “Les chutes d’Edea”. Really this big drawing, that measure 29 x 16 cm, won't become never a stamp because the Postal Authorities will prefer the Claude Hertenberger’s drawing (that it will become the definitive issued stamp). Besides, this drawings differs also for the facial value (500 Fr.), that in the definitive issued stamp it will become 15 Fr.

fig. B4

Definitive 15 Fr. issued stamp (Cameroun, 1953) realized by Claude Hertenberger, that illustrates the same landscape of the René Cottet’s drawing but with an aerial view in which we can see the Edea dike. 

fig. B4a